Interview with George A. Porter Public Deposited

Dr. George Porter, UOMS alumnus and longtime faculty member, discusses the history of the institution and his role in its development. He begins with a short summary of his work and a discussion of the path that led him to embark on a career in medicine. He talks about the faculty he recruited, the programs he worked to establish, and various training programs. He notes that he was particularly keen to attract women to the faculty, remarking on the qualities that women can bring to medical education. One of his many assignments over the years was as a member of the Universitys Centennial Committee, which was established to celebrate the anniversary in 1987. Dr. Porter also explores topics related to the consolidation of the schools into a true university in 1974 and the changes in administration that brought about, in particular the changing role of the Dean of the School of Medicine. Porter looks back on his full career and expresses his pride in the contributions that the school has made to healthcare and medical research.

Transcript of oral history interview with George A. Porter, conducted on August 7, 1998 by Joan Ash and Linda Weimer

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  • 8/7/1998 0:00
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