What is the best approach to discussing mental health in adolescent populations? Public Deposited

In conclusion, with increasing rates of depression and anxiety among adolescents, having the right type of information, delivered in the right manner while utilizing the right approach is proving to be more and more important. Evidence shows that effective education about depression for children is done with (a) increasing mental health literacy, (b) increasing emphasis on activities that promote mental health resilience (peer support, exercise, team sports), (c) educating on the effects of social media habits on mental health, (d) getting help and treatment if feelings of depression or anxiety are present and, lastly, (e) the route of education for adolescent populations of different socio-economic status should be taken into account, as the data supports the idea that certain avenues of education, whether that be community or individual based, digitally or in the classroom, allows for improved patient outcomes.

  • https://doi.org/10.6083/w0892b770
Publication Date
  • 2021
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