Achieving the Quadruple Aim through Provider Wellness Public Deposited

Spending 44% of their work days on administrative and clerical tasks rather than direct patient care, it is no surprise that medical providers are currently experiencing work-life imbalance, dissatisfaction, high rates of attrition and burnout rates exceeding 50%. Some suggest the “Triple Aim” of healthcare—improving the experience of care, improving the health of populations and reducing per capita costs of healthcare—should be changed to the “Quadruple Aim,” with equal attention on well-being of the care team. Others believe provider wellness should be the foundation of the Triple Aim. After all, it is the limiting reagent; without healthy and happy providers, the other three aims cannot possibly be met. County Medical Societies can play a pivotal role in fostering positive change in their medical communities by becoming a resource for support and compassion for providers. Addressing provider wellness can propel waning Medical Societies toward greater relevancy, reestablishing their value in today’s healthcare environment.

Publication Date
  • 2018
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