Preliminary investigation into electron beam lensing utilizing beveled cerrobend geometries Public Deposited

Purpose: To investigate the feasibility of beveling the edges of small Cerrobend electron beam cutouts to provide clinically preferable dose distributions for small-size superficial lesions. This technique may be further developed in the future to create a device applicable for clinical use.Conclusions: All beveling angles displayed an increase in the maximum dose in the field when compared to the standard 0 degree, straight-neck, cut out used currently for small field electron beams. The large angle beveled edges lead to a decrease in the clinically useful portion of the field. This result is nonoptimal for clinical implementation. This study acts as a proof of concept. Future work may be done to generate preferable Cerrobend geometries. This study shows that future work should focus on narrow Cerrobend neck geometries.

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  • 2019
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