Interview with Joseph D. Matarazzo Public Deposited

Matarazzo talks about his childhood, his education in psychology, his years at Washington University and Harvard Medical School, his move to Oregon to become chair of the Department of Medical Psychology at University of Oregon Medical School in Portland in 1957, and his experiences and the changes he has seen at the University since then. Talks about the licensing of psychologists, his role in the establishing of the William Temple Counseling House, and about University leaders including Lewis Bluemle, Leonard Laster, Don Kassebaum, Robert Stone, Ransom Arthur, Richard Jones, and Peter Kohler.

Transcript of oral history interview with Joseph D. Matarazzo, Ph.D., conducted on May 1, 1998 by Michael O'Rourke

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  • 11/08/2018
  • doi:10.6083/M4HH6HTW
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  • 5/1/1998 0:00
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  • Joseph D. Matarazzo (interviewee), Michael O'Rourke (interviewer). Interview with Joseph D. Matarazzo (5/1/1998 0:00). OHSU Digital Collections. mp48sc984. doi:10.6083/M4HH6HTW
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