Health sciences librarians’ experiences and perceptions of interprofessional activities Public Deposited

Authors: Rachel J. Hinrichs, Caitlin J. Bakker, Tara J. Brigham, Gregg A. Stevens and Kristine M. Alpi

This data comes from a cross-sectional survey In October 2018 to measure health sciences librarians’ attitudes toward interprofessional collaboration, and to gather information on interprofessional activities in which librarians are engaged. The North Carolina State University Institutional Review Board exempted this study on September 14, 2018, IRB Protocol 14309, “Exploring Interprofessional Engagement and Attitudes of Health Sciences Librarians.” It consists of two separate csv files. One has the quantitative responses to the survey which included the Interdisciplinary Education Perception Scale. The other has the qualitative responses to the open ended questions. We have intentionally separated and reordered these so that qualitative responses may not be associated with the librarian's demographic characteristics.

Publication Date
  • 2019
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