Social justice in sustainable food systems: An exploratory analysis of definitions, projects, and funding frameworks Public Deposited

Although poverty continues to escalate in the United States, funding to address structural inequalities in our food system remains limited in relation to efforts to address production, marketing and consumption, as well as individual diet and nutrition education. To date, there is insufficient analysis on why this is so. At best, reports on funding food systems have measured how there has been a general increase in supporting sustainable food and agriculture, however the intersections of justice within sustainable food systems is not entirely clear. This exploratory thesis examines social justice definitions and priorities as well as the role of funding across private and public sources in food and agriculture. I utilize mixed methods, including content analysis, literature reviews, and surveys with a handful of key thought leaders to better understand the discourse and practices of social justice in the food system. Lastly, this project explores opportunities to shift funding mechanisms and organizational efforts toward advancing social justice programming and research within our food system.

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