Interview with Mary Durham McDonald Public Deposited

Transcript of oral history interview with Mary Durham McDonald, conducted on July 2, 1998 by Joan Ash and Linda Weimer

Mary Durham McDonald, granddaughter of Dr. S. E. Josephi, the first Dean of the University of Oregon Medical School, was born in Portland, Oregon in 1915. McDonald graduated from Reed College in 1938 and was caretaker of the stables at the Grand Oak Farm in Lafayette, Oregon. S. E. Josephi was born in New York City and attended the New York Free Academy before coming to Oregon in 1867. Josephi graduated from Cooper Medical College in San Francisco in 1877 and joined the faculty of the Willamette University Medical Department. From 1881-1883, he served as medical superintendent at the Oregon State Insane Asylum. He became the first Dean of the University of Oregon Medical School in 1887. He retired from the University of Oregon Medical School in 1912 as Dean Emeritus. He served as Treasurer and Trustee of the Board of the Good Samaritan Hospital from 1890-1935, was elected as the first president of the Portland Medical Society, and served two terms as State Senator in 1899 and 1901. And he received an honorary LL.D. from the University of Oregon in 1924.

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  • 7/2/1998 0:00
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