Interview with Miles J. Edwards Public Deposited

Dr. Miles J. Edwards begins with general information about his education and his career here at OHSU, first in the Division of Chest Diseases and, later, as a member of the Center for Ethics in Health Care. Dr. Edwards gives some background on his fathers upbringing and education in Oregon, as well as on his early career as an engineer and inventor. He then proceeds to relate how Dr. Herbert Griswold introduced his father to Dr. Albert Starr, a surgeon working at the University of Oregon Medical School. He describes the early development of the heart valve, discussing the initial testing on dogs, and the first human patients to receive the prosthesis. Edwards then goes on to talk about the manufacture of the valves and gives a short history of Edwards Laboratories, the company his father founded to produce the devices. Dr. Edwards mentions other researchers who played important roles in the development of the valve, especially Arnie Solberg, a lab technician who worked very closely with Lowell Edwards.

Transcript of oral history interview with Miles J. Edwards, conducted on April 7, 1998 by Annette Matthews

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