Further characterization of preterm birth clinical phenotypes: a descriptive study Public Deposited

There is an urgent need to further characterize the various PTB clinical phenotypes as
well as their identified determinants/risks, labor pathways, and trajectories. Preterm birth is a significant public health issue, yet our current lack of understanding regarding PTB risk factors and/or underlying biologic triggers hinders our ability to predict and prevent preterm delivery. By further characterizing PTB clinical phenotypes and trajectories, we can advance the science toward improved PTB prediction, prevention, and treatment.
This study focused on selected PTB clinical phenotypes and a subset of emerging socio-demographic variables, clinical characteristics, and perinatal interventions. Continued exploration is needed to gain a more nuanced understanding of known PTB clinical phenotypes. Without such knowledge, there will be no upstream progress toward developing preventive interventions targeted to high-risk pregnancies or tailored to the individual PTB clinical phenotype.

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  • https://doi.org/10.6083/ff3655966
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  • 2019
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