Physiology Lab, circa 1915 Public Deposited

Historical Image Collection, Box 28

ca. 1915

Black and white photograph, measuring 10 x 8 inches. Two manuscript notes on the back of the photograph read: "Early day physiology lab, Dr. 'Bunny' Haskins on left"

and "Dr. Howard D. Haskins arrived in 1915.

Interior of the Physiology Lab at the University of Oregon Medical School (23rd and Lovejoy location), taken circa 1915. This image is a group portrait of students and staff, clustered on two sides of a lab work bench. On the far left is Dr. Howard "Bunny" Haskins, Head of the Department of Physiological Chemistry. Digital scan produced for the exhibit "Frankenstein: Penetrating the Secrets of Nature" in Fall 2004.

Publication Date
  • 1915
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