Prenatal exposure to a western-style diet: impacts to sensory connectivity and neuroinflammation in the context of sensory processing disorder Public Deposited

Sensory processing disorder (SPD) is characterized by impairments in sensory processing, though the underlying neural correlates of these symptoms are largely unknown. Additionally, it is unclear what factors might lead to the development of SPD. Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often report a SPD, so the two may share similar causes. Predictors of ASD include prenatal exposure to a Western-style diet
(WSD), increased maternal adiposity, and increased maternal inflammation. These factors may contribute to ASD by stimulating neuroinflammation and thereby impacting microglia-mediated processes of neural circuit formation. However, these prenatal exposures and neuroinflammatory processes of circuit restructuring have not been sufficiently explored in SPD. The goal of the present work is to advance what is known about the etiology of SPD.

Publication Date
  • 2023
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