Interview with Christina E. Milano, M.D. Public Deposited

Related interview: Dr. Milano also interviewed Dr. Dugi on the same day. Users are suggested to review both interviews for the fullest account of the information conveyed.

Dr. Christina Milano is an Associate Professor of Family Medicine, a practitioner at OHSU’s Richmond clinic, creator and medical director of the Richmond Engagement and Community Health team, and co-founder of the OHSU Transgender Health Program. She specializes in family planning and reproductive healthcare, the care of transgender patients (including hormone therapy), and the post-hospital care for complex medical patients. Dr. Milano is interviewed by her fellow co-founder of the OHSU Transgender Health Program, Dr. Daniel Dugi. Together they discuss her early career and entry into transgender healthcare. This interview also includes discussions of the environment of care towards gender diverse patients at OHSU in her early career as compared to the time of the interview, as well as broader changes and difficulties in policy, equity and general attitude for transgender healthcare over time. The interview covers the formation and development of the Transgender Health Program at OHSU and important figures within the program, as well as topics such as advocacy for transgender patients with Medicaid or Medicare.

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