Characterization of particle trajectories during dielectrophoresis collection and the influence of insulator coverage over the electrodes Public Deposited

Cancer is one of the leading causes of rate mortality worldwide.[1-3] Early treatment of the cancer can significantly reduce the mortality.[4] Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcenoma (PDAC) is one of these cancers where patient mortality is reduced by early detection and treatment.[4] PDAC is one of the top 7 cancer-related diseases worldwide that contributes to this mortality rate and is projected to be the 3rd leading cause of cancer deaths by 2025.[5] In most cases, PDAC remains asymptomatic during the early developmental stages making it extremely difficult to detect. Only a small percentage of patients end up discovering the early-stage disease, usually as a result of investigating other ailments[6-9], and receive invasive surgical procedures and treatments to increase their life expectancy. [5, 10] There is a significant unmet clinical need to detect cancer, especially pancreatic cancer, in the early stages where treatments are more effective.

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