An exploration of health and nutrition programs: are underlying social issues recognized? Public Deposited

Health and nutrition programs are used worldwide with the intention of improving a patient’s or population’s health status. Yet the US population is becoming more ill and patients are often readmitted to the hospital because of “poor compliance.” Often these patients low-income and struggle to incorporate nutrition and health recommendations into their lives. This research explores current nutrition and health literature in the US, UK, and Canada address food insecurity and other social causes that inhibit the accessibility of health and nutrition recommendations to patients. Through comparison of academic literature, government, and NGO reports, the UK and Canadian approaches often addressed the underlying social causes related to limited adherence to nutrition and health recommendations, while the US had a more treatment-based and individualistic approach. One vital recommendation of this research is for the US to utilize aspects of UK and Canadian approaches to better address social issues that act as barriers to adequate health and nutrition, such as food insecurity.

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  • 2016
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