Strategic alignment and effectiveness of governance in healthcare informatics Public Deposited

Informatics governance should be informed by overall organizational strategy, but also by metrics that should be able to measure the success of that governance. (1) Alignment with the organization’s goals should be a given, and in order to accomplish that, integration and communication with the organization’s administrative structures are critical. This includes the ability to demonstrate the need for what informatics can contribute, as well as the success of its activities. Furthermore, Informatics can and must be a contributor and resource to the organization as it makes its plans to move forward. Three primary functions of governance for informatics exist in any healthcare situation: strategic guidance and alignment; successful implementations of any informatics projects that have been decided upon; and the ability to quantify the success or lack of success of those projects. (1) At this time, in most organizations it seems that Informatics has been consigned to perform the role of project management and support, leaving the other two functions either partly or totally unattended.

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  • 2020
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