Technique standardization to achieve consistent image quality for scoliosis patients Public Deposited

The aim of this project is to develop consistent exposure technique guidelines for imaging scoliosis patients with radiography. Scoliosis is the condition where a spine exhibits lateral curvatures deviating from the midsagittal plane [1], [2]. The vast majority of scoliosis cases have unknown etiology with typical treatment methods involving monitoring of the patient’s condition for any exacerbating effects [2]. Monitoring of the patient’s condition is done using radiographic images. Commonly used imaging methods equipped with automatic exposure control are not available to this patient population owing to the large field of anatomy required for imaging. This project standardizes technique methods for the technologist to ensure consistent noise content in images. Exposure Index
(EI) values serve as a guiding metric for both techniques and image quality as EI is linearly proportional to the incident detector air kerma and is proportional to the square of the signal to noise ratio [17].

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  • 2019
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