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  1. Integrating new monitoring and behavioral summary metrics into standard personal health record and electronic health record systems

  2. Optimization of image processing for mouse pharmacological magentic resonance imaging data

  3. A standardized GI endoscopy procedure note, in extensible markup language, formatted using Health Level Seven (version 3) Clinical Document Architecture (release 2)

  4. Protecting patient data confidentiality using differential privacy

  5. Classification and retrieval of endoscopic images from the clinical outcomes research initiative (CORI) collection

  6. An in silico assessment of alternatively spliced isoforms in the mouse brain using RNA-Seq

  7. A cognitive approach to understanding physician use of CPOE a field usability evaluation of community physicians and commercial systems

  8. Automatic summarization of mouse gene information for microarray analysis by functional gene clustering and ranking of sentences in MEDLINE abstracts

  9. The effects of computerized provider order entry on medication turn-around time a time-to-first dose study at the Providence Portland Medical Center

  10. Comparing bedside information tools a user-centered task-oriented approach