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  1. The illusion of choice in the grocery store: Grocery stores and the construction of food choice

  2. Want amid plenty: The capitalist paradox of hunger and food waste

  3. Looking through the kitchen window: A critical discourse analysis of domestic foodwork research and oppression

  4. A discursive analysis of culturally appropriate food: The conceptualization and contribution to social justice

  5. Understanding democracy: Concepts, practices, and the power of decision-making in the food system

  6. The Roles Of Glucocorticoids And The Anterior Cingulate Cortex In Huntington’s Disease Symptomology And Therapeutics

  7. Graduate orthodontic residents’ perspectives on education: A follow-up study

  8. Use of the Ambulatory Electronic Health Record (Allscripts® AEHR) to Mine Quality Metrics: A Pilot Study in an Ambulatory Pediatric Cardiac Practice for Evaluation of Chest Pain in Children 5-18 years of Age

  9. The Perceived Impact of ICU Work Environment on Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) Practice, ICU Nurses’ Performance, Quality of Care, and Patient Safety in Adult ICUs: A Mixed Methods Study.

  10. A novel subset of airway basal cells: Identification of a stem/progenitor cell population in the human respiratory system